Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to get a Safe Communities Vendor ID®?

No, an applicant does not have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify for the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program®. Documents are accepted from any foreign country as long as you have an authentic, valid government-issued photo ID. Safe Communities does not check immigration status or require an I-9.

Does everyone in the vehicle have to get an ID or just the driver?

Yes, everyone who enters the property is required to have an ID, not just the driver.

What vendors need IDs and who is exempt from the program?

All vendors providing a service for a fee (including drivers and all passengers) are required to carry a Safe Communities Vendor ID®. It is recommended that all utility subcontractors and delivery personnel who enter your residence, be required to apply for the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program®. However, each community has its own policies on how they use our service.

Individuals who may be considered exempt from the program:

  • Law Enforcement, government officials, utility, power, water, phone, and cable companies, as long as they are in a marked vehicle, in a uniform, and possess a photo ID issued by the utility company or government entity.
  • FedEx, UPS, Post Office, and other package delivery drivers. However, if delivery drivers are on a particular property daily, it may be advisable to have them apply for the Safe Communities Vendor ID.

  • The following vendors may be required to get an ID, depending on the community, frequency of being on property, etc.: Ride Share providers (uber, LIft) food delivery, flower delivery, RX delivery, grocery delivery, construction site material delivery, etc. Any type of food delivery, flower, Rx, and construction site delivery, unless they must enter your residence.

This may differ from community to community.

Can I receive a Safe Communities Vendor ID® if I don’t have a valid driver’s license?

Those individuals who meet the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program® criteria, but don't have a valid driver's license, will receive a Safe Communities Vendor ID; however, their ID will display a "NON-DRIVER" status. Non- drivers may not be allowed to drive within participating communities.

Driver's License Verification:
States outside of Florida may require an applicant to provide verification from their local driver's license bureau, and if not provided, the ID will also display a "NON-DRIVER" status.
Only applicants with confirmed valid drivers' licenses will be designated a "DRIVER."

Can an employer pay for multiple employees at one time instead of having to pay for each application individually?

Yes, employers can purchase applications in any quantity, as these credits never expire.

Can I get a refund if I fail to meet the criteria for a Safe Communities Vendor ID to be issued?

Once an application is purchased, no refunds will be granted, regardless of whether an ID is issued or not.

If I don’t qualify to receive a Safe Communities Vendor ID®, can I still work on the property?

Those who don’t meet the criteria can make an appointment with the Security Director, Property Manager, or GM to request an entry “exception”. If this exemption request is approved at one of our participating communities, it does not entitle the individual to receive access to any other participating community. The applicant must make this "exception" request to all participating communities individually.

Does this program increase the vendor's time at the gate when they arrive or decrease their time at the entrance?

The use of the Safe Communities Vendor ID® can drastically reduce lines at the gate. Utilizing the QR code or barcode on the back of every card, the security staff can scan/swipe, and this expedites entry versus manually entering all of their information or looking them up each time they come to the gate.

Can vendors pass-on the cost of the ID to the resident?

The entire program has many benefits to the vendor, and no costs should be "passed-on" to anyone. Any vendor who threatens to "pass-on" the cost to the resident should be evaluated to determine if they are suitable for the community where they are making these threats. This may be an indicator that the vendor has something to hide regarding its employees.

What happens if I forget or lose my Safe Communities Vendor ID?

Each Community will develop its own policy. However, unless it is your first time on property, they should be able to look you up in their access control system. If you lose your ID, you can request a duplicate ID on our website for a $10 fee.

How does this program benefit vendors?

Currently, in some regions, vendors pay anywhere from $10-$55 to be granted access to individual communities. The Safe Communities Vendor ID® will provide the vendor access to all participating communities for one annual fee, thus, saving the vendor from paying a fee for every community they enter.

  • Safe Community participants will have a distinct advantage over other vendors bidding for work within a community. Participation in this program should certainly impact the client’s decision to choose the “Safe Communities Vendor”.
  • Being a Safe Community Vendor Participant can be utilized as a great marketing tool, this will ensure your customers that you are taking that extra step by making their safety a priority.
  • Employers now have an annual criminal background and driver’s license check for all of their employees in the program.
How does this program benefit the community?

At no cost to our communities, the Safe Communities Vendor ID® program provides "Peace of Mind" by reducing the odds of criminals and sex offenders from accessing their property by screening all vendors prior to entering their community. Vendors are required to meet specific background criteria to receive a "Safe Communities Vendor ID®".

  • Knowing all vendors entering your property are not recently convicted of theft, burglary, robbery, dealing in stolen property, convicted of an aggravated crime of violence, or are designated as a sexual offender or sexual predator.
  • Every ID displays a unique Barcode and QR code. These codes, combined with the vendor photo, ensure vendor identity and expedites check-in times and long lines at the gate.
  • Present the program information to your community's insurance company for a possible discount on your property/liability insurance.
  • Potential buyers interested in your community will know that you make residents safety a priority, by implementing the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program®.
Why do I need to provide my Social Security Number, and is it secured?

We at Safe Communities LLC understand that our customer's privacy is of the utmost importance, and we take every precaution to ensure complete confidentiality and security. Running a criminal background check without a Social Security Number is an incomplete check, resulting in missed records. Without the SSN, we are not guaranteed to see arrests under alias names. Alias names include; maiden names, married names, hyphenated names, prior or changed names, etc. Safe Communities provides the highest level of security, Extended Validation SSL, and we will never share your Social Security Number with any other party outside of our background provider. Safe Communities provides your Social Security Number to our background provider in an encrypted format. Our staff nor admin will never have access to your full SSN, as it is provided to us encrypted. Safe Communities will never store or retain the applicant's SSN once the application is processed. Safe Communities is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association, and all of our staff are certified by the PBSA, trained in FCRA compliance and background data retention guidelines. 

Social Security Numbers provide us with an additional level of identity verification. SSN information checks the applicant's Social Security Number against the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Death Master Index and pulls address history information and aliases (including maiden names, married names, changed named, etc.) previously associated with the SSN.

This information can be useful for several reasons:

First, checking a Social Security Number against SSA databases helps verify an individual’s identity. This kind of check can send up red flags if the individual has committed or is committing identity theft.

Second, having a list of aliases or alternate names is useful for conducting a thorough criminal background check. Since criminal records are associated with names, someone can change their name to attempt to avoid being flagged by a background check. By using an SSN to find that person’s alias history, you can conduct background searches of older names and find any associated criminal activity.

Finally, address histories can be extremely helpful in widening the scope of a background check. Most criminal convictions are filed at the county level, which means county criminal searches are a common first step to finding an individual's criminal history. By telling you where an individual has lived in the past is often an effective and efficient way to expand the scope of a background check beyond local jurisdictions.


If I feel the Safe Communities company has unfairly or mistakenly deprived me of the Safe Communities Vendor ID®, do I have any recourse?

If you fail to meet the criteria for the "Safe Communities Vendor ID Program," and feel that you were unfairly or mistakenly denied, you will have the opportunity to dispute this decision.

Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), an Adverse Action Packet is mailed out and is to be opened by the applicant only. Employers accepting packets on behalf of their employees must adhere to this FCRA privacy law.

Adverse Action Packet includes the following:

  • Notification of ineligibility
  • Copy of applicants Criminal Background
  • Copy of your "Summary of Rights"
  • Dispute Form with instructions

If you feel the Criminal Background provided is incorrect, you will have the opportunity to file a dispute directly with the consumer reporting agency listed in the Adverse Action Packet. Once a dispute is resolved, applicants may submit a request to Safe Communities to reevaluate eligibility.

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