How it Works

A Community Decides To Be A "SAFE COMMUNITY"

A community or business complex and its Board of Directors takes the initiative to ramp up security and to implement entry-point vendor screening through the "Safe Communities Vendor ID Program®".

Community Vendors Informed

All vendors servicing the participating communities or business complexes are informed of the Vendor ID program and the new requirement that all employees must carry an ID card issued by the "Safe Communities Vendor ID Program®".

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Set-Up and Execution

  • Current vendors are informed via email, phone, and/or flyer at the gate.
  • Deadlines are set for the program implementation.
  • Community residents are notified via email.

Which Vendors Need IDs?

  • Any vendor providing a service for a fee including drivers and all passengers.

Which Vendors Don’t Need IDs?

  • Delivery drivers (pizza, florist, etc) unless daily on the property or if they are required to enter a residents home.
  • Construction delivery drivers, unless daily on the property.
  • Uniformed utility company employees with company IDs.
  • City/government/rescue personnel with photo IDs, in uniform or in marked vehicles.

Vendors Apply for ID Cards

Vendors apply for the  Safe Communities Vendor ID® card for each employee, the annual fee is $35 per ID. Applications are processed within 24-48 hours and ID cards are delivered within 3-5 business days.

Easy Online Application

Vendors apply online via a smart device or computer. Each applicant must upload a head-shot photo and photo of supporting documents, which may include a driver’s license, passport, consular card or foreign government-issued photo IDs.

What Information is Collected?

The background check and driver’s license check provide information such as sexual offender/predator status and convictions within the past 5 years of robbery, theft, burglary, crimes of violence, and dealing in stolen property.

Who Pays the Fee?

The vendor pays an annual fee of $35, per ID, per employee. This is done online during the application process, and payments are processed through a secure payment gateway.

The ID and Where It Works

Applicants meeting the Safe Communities criteria receive ID cards within 3-5 business days. Applicants not meeting the criteria receive a notification letter within 3-5 business days. The ID card grants vendors access into all communities participating in the program for one annual fee.

Vendor Background Check Criteria

Criminal background and driver's license checks are run on every applicant. This process ensures that vendors entering communities are valid drivers with no *convictions in the last five (5) years for the following offenses; Robbery, Burglary, Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, Aggravated Crime of Violence, and individuals with Ongoing Criminal Mindset. No designation as a Registered Sex Offender/Predator. Sexual  Solicitation of a Minor and Possess Child Pornography.

No *Convictions in the past ten (10) years for child abuse involving Sexual or Lewd Offense, Sexual Assault, Felony Battery involving Sexual Assault, Unlawful Sexual Activity, and no Lewd / Lascivious Offenses.

No designation as a Career Offender, Habitual Offender, or evidence of an "Ongoing Criminal Mindset".

*Convictions shall include the following terms for this service; Plea of Nolo Contendre (No Contest), Plea or Probation Agreements, Adjudication Withheld,
Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) and Deferred Prosecution Agreements.

Eligible Dispositions: Dropped, Abandoned, A Nolle Prosse (not associated with a Pre-Trial Agreement or Deferred Prosecution Agreement), No File, Not Guilty, are all eligible for an ID.


Criminal History Check

Safe Communities utilizes a third-party provider to perform an instant criminal background for each prospective vendor. This background check will consist of a comprehensive nationwide criminal history records search (plus Washington DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico), information from state agencies, county courts data, Department of Corrections information, checks against the Terrorist Watch List, Administrative Office of the Courts information and National Registered Sex Offender data. Please note that California, Connecticut, Maine, Minnesota and Indiana currently require Safe Communities to verify criminal matches found during our instant search directly at the source before reporting them, Safe Communities will not be able to provide instant criminal records results from these states. The background checks itemized above will be provided from all states that make this information publicly available to requesting parties.

Driver's License Check

In all states allowing driver’s licenses to be searched publicly, without access fees, a driver’s license status check will be performed. The resulting status will be indicated on the Safe Communities Vendor ID Card under the vendor’s photo. It will state “DRIVER” or “NON-DRIVER”. In states not allowing public access to driver’s license status, the state in which the vendor provides a license will have the state’s initials listed under the vendor’s photo. An example would be “AZ DL”. This would indicate the driver provided an Arizona Driver’s License as ID. It does not, however, indicate whether that license is valid or not valid. Vendors that provide out of country driver’s licenses must also provide a valid International Driver’s Permit. Information on an IDP can be found on the AAA website.

Vendor ID Cards Issued

Vendors who have met specific background criteria receive a "Safe Communities Vendor ID®". This ID card grants access into all locations participating in the Safe Communities program.

Clear, Current Photo

Quality headshot photos on ID cards match real-time vendor appearance to ensure that a  security guard or resident can easily verify identity.

Government-issued ID

Applicant submits a valid government-issued ID photo, such as a driver’s license, passport, or U.S. and foreign government IDs.

 No Convictions

Residents can be assured that no vendor with a Safe Communities ID card has been convicted of robbery, crimes of violence or sexual offenses within the past five years.

Access Control Integration

Only vendors with Safe Communities Vendor ID® cards are allowed access into communities participating in the program.

Employee-Specific Barcode and QR Code

Every vendor/employee’s Safe Communities Vendor ID® card displays a unique barcode and QR code. These codes, combined with the vendor photo ensure card use by that vendor only.

Security guards at entry stations scan/swipe cards to verify identity. This expedites vendor check-in time, reducing lines at the gate. Entry times and dates are digitally registered when cards are swiped.

Vendor access may be denied simply by turning their card “off” in the access control system.

The Ongoing Program

The community point person for the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program®:

  • Monitors security staff to ensure correct implementation of the program.
  • Answers vendor questions and concerns.
  • Obtains reports from Safe Communities documenting IDs issued or denied.
  • Informs property manager, security liaison, and/or board of directors of program status and implementation.

Ready to Get Started?

Protect your residents from unscreened individuals accessing the community as vendors and service providers. Implement the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program® and guarantee that only approved, background-checked vendors are working on your property. Make your community a "Safe Community."