Receive A Digital Vendor ID Immediately Upon Approval

Safe Communities Vendor ID® allows vendors access into all participating communities for one annual fee.

current photo

Vendors submit a current headshot photo annually to be used on the Safe Communities Vendor ID. This ensures vendor identity validation.

issued ID

Vendors submit a photo of a valid government-issued ID for identity verification. Foreign government IDs are accepted.

background checks

Criminal background and driver's license checks are conducted annually to ensure vendors continue to meet the criteria.

Frequently asked questions

Which Vendors need IDs?

Any vendor providing a service for a fee within the community.

The vendor pays the annual Digital ID fee of $40 per applicant. If a Physical ID is requested, there will be an additional $4 fee. Replacement Physical IDs are $10

No, we do not check immigration status or require an I-9. We request a government-issued photo ID even if it is from a foreign government.

 Once approved, Digital ID is activated and a link is sent to the applicant's email and smart device.

Easy Online Application Process and How it works

To get started, a vendor must create a user account. Users will have the ability to submit applications online at their convenience 24/7. Applicants must submit a current headshot photo, a government-issued photo ID, and their Social Security Number for identity verification. Once approved, a Digital ID is activated and a link is sent to the applicant's email and mobile device. Digital ID's include a QR Code and Barcode for expedited vendor entry. The Safe Communities Vendor ID® can be used at all participating communities at no extra cost.

How to Manage the Dashboard

Users will have the ability to manage multiple applications and preview the application process as it's updated. User functions include submitting new applications, updating information, renewing, and replacing Physical IDs. Employers will have the ability to deactivate their employee's Digital ID when they no longer work for the company. 

Get Started

Protect your residents from unscreened individuals accessing the community as vendors and service providers. Implement the Safe Communities Vendor ID Program® and guarantee only approved, background-checked vendors are working on your property.